WaveFEA provides SolidWorks users with an embedded finite element modeling tool. It features the familiar SolidWorks look and feel for all menus and functions, providing seamless integration between design and analysis. WaveFEA features true geometry associativity, which means your loads, boundary conditions and even meshes are updated interactively whenever changes are made in SolidWorks.

With NASTRAN being one of the most widely used solutions, SolidWorks users can now communicate their FEA data to most standard pre- and post-processors through support of the NASTRAN file format. This provides versatility to a product which is already easy to use and backed by the renowned NASTRAN solution.


About WaveFEA 2018

WaveFEA is the first engineering analysis, simulation and validation solution that fuses the best of 3D CAD and FEA technologies.

Below are few benefits to be considered:

  • 3D parametric CAD system becomes your pre and post processor providing a familiar environment for easy FEA model creation and results viewing.
  • Nastran FEA solvers are your FEA engine providing precise, proven, dependable solutions with wide industry acceptance.
  • Professional level capabilities and technology for all FEA domain inputs for real-world fidelity: element types (a full range of 1D, 2D, and 3D), loads, constraints, material models, and meshing.
  • Post Processing Report generation and file sharing via industry recognized Nastran Bulk Data File allows collaboration with a wide community of analysis departments, customers, vendors, and design partners.