Installation Procedure
  1. Log into your computer as an Administrator.
  2. Download and locate the executable installer file.
  3. On the WaveFEA Setup dialog that appears, click Install to advance to the next screen.
  4. Click Next to start the installation process.
  5. Accept the End User License Agreement by activating the I accept checkbox and click Next.
  6. If using Network License, enable the Network Server option in the Custom Dialog.
  7. Optionally, change the Installation path if desired (for example, if you are running low on free space on your system drive).
  8. Click Next to advance to the next screen and click Install.
  9. When the installation process is completed, click Finish to dismiss the installer package and Close to close the Setup.

The licensing and activation process is completed when you start the CAD application within which you will run WaveFEA.


A license is an authorization to run WaveFEA. Possession of a license indicates that the software has been obtained legally and is an authorized copy, which may be executed. There are two licensing options available for Autodesk Nastran In-CAD: standalone and network.

Activating 30 days trial license for WaveFEA

  1. Launch Solidworks.
  2. License type window will pop up while loading the WaveFEA addin. Select "Activate Trial (30 days)" button.
  3. 30 days trial license will be activated.


Activating Node Locked license for WaveFEA

  1. Download/Copy the license file (*.lic) to your system.
  2. Launch Solidworks.
  3. License type window will pop up while loading the WaveFEA addin. Select "Node Locked" button and browse for the license file on your system.
  4. Node locked license will be activated.


Activating Network license for WaveFEA

  1. Copy the license file (*.lic) to the "C:/WaveFEA/server/"(default path) folder. Double click on rlm.exe to run the license server.
  2. Start Solidworks.
  3. Create a New CAD document, or Open an existing one, to start the licensing and activation process.
  4. Depending on your license type, click either Enter a Serial Number (for a standalone license) or Use a Network License.
  5. If you have a network license, enter the port number and server name in the format port@servername.
    Standalone licensing requires you to browse for the license file.