1. Summary

To provide high quality products, Wavaxis has released WaveFEA 2017. This document highlights open issues with WaveFEA 2017 and provides information that is useful while using this software.

2. Installation Instructions

2.1 Before you begin

  1. The install only works on Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (Professional), and Windows 10 OS.
  2. SolidWorks Users: The supported SolidWorks (Standard, Premium and Professional) versions are 2016+ and 2017+.

2.2 To install WaveFEA 2017

  1. Double-click WaveFEA 2017.exe to start the installation.
  2. In the Configure Installation page, set preferences.
  3. After configuration, start to install.
  4. When the installation is done, click Finish.

2.3 To activate WaveFEA 2017

  1. Start SolidWorks.
  2. Make sure WaveFEA 2017 Add-in is checked.
  3. Open a new document to start the licensing and activation process. Click on File, New. The License Options window comes up
  4. Let’s get started by selecting your license type, Select “Node-Locked” or “Network”.
  5. If you have a Network license, enter the server and port name in the format of port@servername. It might be necessary to use the server IP instead of server name after defining the port.

2.4 To verify the installation is successful

  1. Start SolidWorks.
  2. Check the Add-in is enabled.
  3. Click the About button in the Nastran Support panel. If the About box displays WaveFEA Version: and Autodesk Nastran 2017 Version:, the installation is successful.

3. Summary of Known Issues

3.1 User Interface

  1. Incorrect visualization of rigid connectors when using create point at center option only for large assemblies, sub-assemblies and part it works fine.
  2. ‘New group’ button is not available in Include group dialog.
  3. SolidWorks doesn’t work with multiple Add-ins. If you have WaveFEA 2017 Add-in and WaveFEA 2017 Add-in checked at the same time, make sure you uncheck either one and re-launch the SolidWorks application to be able to work with the checked Add-in.

3.2 Meshing

  1. Weld beads are not supported for meshing.
  2. Mesh connectivity is not working for curve/arc meshing with line elements.
  3. Zero length spring between two coincident points doesn’t generate CBUSH.

3.3 Loads and Constraints

  1. Moment Load only supports face selection as the entity where the moment is applied.
    • Right now you can select an edge or vertex as the entity in the Moment Load dialog, but there is no warning that this is not supported even after you hit OK. The analysis will solve for both cases, but the load will not be considered in the solution.
  2. Bearing Load as thrust load is not supported.
  3. Dynamic display of loads and constraints glyphs has been removed due to some performance issue. Click the Preview checkbox in the Loads and Constraints dialogs to update the glyphs in the canvas.
  4. Display of glyphs for loads and constraints on the deformed model and for animations is disabled.
  5. Unable to select edge for geometric entity which is already selected for Load.
  6. CFD temperature interpolation is not currently supported for parabolic elements, linear elements are recommended.

3.4 Results

  1. The Contour icon in the Ribbon will remain depressed when switching between models, and will not work correctly for some models. Workaround: Close and open the model or run the analysis again for the active document.
  2. Result Options in the Ribbon bar in SolidWorks will be enabled on loading the results and displaying the results.
  3. Beam diagram plots are not shown from theMini Toolbar. Use the Plot dialog to see beam diagrams.
  4. Grid Point Forces results for 1D and 2D elements are not included.
  5. While animating if we uncheck loads from Object visibility menu in ribbon bar still loads are displayed in GUI.
  6. Probe is still anchored even though cancelling probe functionality using ESC button.

3.5 Other

  1. In the Laminate dialog, the ABD matrix calculation is not working as expected.
  2. The Stress/Strain output option in the Laminate dialog is not defined properly when Use Global Ply checkbox is selected.
  3. Rigid Body connector defined for model having regular shapes (Ex: - Triangle, sweep circle) is not acting at CG of that model.

4. Thank you

We thank all our customers who help us to identify and report issues. These reports will give us the opportunity to improve the product and provide you with the best solution in WaveFEA simulation. We also thank you for your continued business and for the feedback regarding the content of this release.

WaveFEA Team