FEA Tutorials - Finite Element Analysis with WaveFEA


Advanced Material Exchange

Now we can use Advanced Material Exchange to map results from an Autodesk Moldflow analysis onto a structural finite element analysis mesh which is created in WaveFEA.

Bolted Connectors

Determines the Bolt connection between the two parts. This tutorial uses an assembly of two I beams connected with a bolted flange. It demonstrates defining the element model data, defining bolt connectors

Shell symmetry modelling

This tutorial helps you to create symmetry boundary conditions to the quarter part of the full model and compare results to a full model.

Direct Frequency Response Analysis

This tutorial helps you to setup a direct frequency response.It uses a bracket made of Aluminum to demonstrate direct frequency response analysis defining frequency depended loads,defining frequency dependent damping and viewing frequency response XY Plots.

Non Linear Static - Large Displacement

This tutorial demonstrates a nonlinear static analysis with contact. The goal of this analysis is to introduce you to nonlinear analysis and surface contact. The plate is made of aluminum alloy and the stop is made of steel.

Nonlinear Static – Hyperelastic Material

The goal of this analysis is to introduce you the advanced nonlinear material hyperplastic. A O-Ring which is made up of rubber material is subjected to displacement at top plate and nonlinear analysis is performed to know contact force and pressure.